Best time to write

This is the part I love about being a Kindle Author, these moments right now.  It's 6:03am, the low hum of the trucks on a distant highway, the chirping and twilling of the birds and the cool slightly damp feel of the morning is just perfect for me.  Mostly because I know it won't last, I know that in an hour of so, my kids will wake up, my dog will demand to be walked and there are dishes to wash, clothing to fold and ... well you get the idea.

This moment right now!?!  it's mine.  I decided to take it and do something with it.. you know what I mean?  Instead of laying in bed and just wishing for things or wanting things I decided to try to figure out what I wanted to do.  Of course, the first thing I thought about was... I want to make more money.

The truth of the matter is, (and I know a ton of people will disagree) but the money isn't what would make me happy, it's what I'd be be able to DO... if I had the money that would make me happy.  You know I've been a dreamer my whole life.  I've tried every idea that I was inspired to try and they all only provided limited results.  For a long time I thought it was because I was a "quiter" you know, always hoping from idea to idea... but the truth of the matter is... it was all part of my personal journey.

Now, because of everything that I have done or know, I have a some much more experience to pull from, and I've learned.  Think about the things you complain about.  (In my case it was always, I have no money) Think about the things you do about the things you complain about... aren't they the same things you have always done?

In my case, specifically about money, I have always been looking for ways to earn money... and I'd find them and you know what, each time it would seem a lot like work.  But I was raised to believe (and do) that you get paid when you work.  Guess what... that's not only true.  You know there are a lot of people that get paid and either they inherited the money or they do a job that they enjoy so much it doesn't feel like work... or they leverage their time.

It took years for me to realize that I was the reason I wasn't getting further faster... because I was working with my belief that in order to earn money I needed to put the time in... and as a result I was only able to see the opportunities that fit into my view.  Through a series of chance meetings and several network marketing seminars I had an epiphany... I was wrong.

For years we've heard about passive income, and usually it's been associated with website scams... you know, you pay $30.00 a month for a website that people can buy things from and when they do you get a piece of the cake.. it's a set it and forget it deal.  Called passive income because you aren't actively working.  Sounds great, right?  Except with the ever evolving internet, with millions of websites out there how is anyone going to find your cookie cutter website?

You know what changed everything for me?  I realized, it can't be about the money.  Money can't be the goal. I can't live my life always looking to make more money.  I can't, because when I thought about it, when I really analyzed my life, I realized that it wasn't the money that I wanted but to be able to do the things.  I wanted to be able to have things and go places and give things and they all required money.

Once I changed how I was looking at it... a whole slew of opportunities opened up.   I no longer felt like I had to work more or harder to get ahead... I felt like I had this series of mini goals and one by one I checked them off my list as the money (as if out of no where) started rolling in.

I attribute this to the slow and steady success of my book sales.

And that is what I like to think about at 6:03 am.  I like to think about my life, sitting here, in the quiet looking out at the sunrise, the lovely green grass and white picket fences and know that I am doing something I enjoy and happily pursuing my soul's purpose!

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