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We are providing these courses because we know that there is a book inside you, now we want YOU to know it too.  Many people never get this far.  They never even consider putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard as the case usually is), and that's because they don't think that anyone will want to hear what they have to say.

We've set out to create accessible and easy to understand courses that will instruct as well as encourage you.


The course is set to unlock each module as the previous module is completed. Start with the introduction, mark it complete and follow the prompts to progress to the next item. ENJOY!

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Write a Kindle Book in 7 Days
Amazing and true, you can be a Kindle Author in 7 days. This course will walk you through, start to finish, your book concept, outline, writing and publishing for Kindle in 7 days. This is a condensed version of some of the longer courses, and there won't be much hand holding when it comes to the actual writing of your book, however, you will be walked through concept, outline, writing, editing, formatting, and publishing the book on kindle
Module 1 Day 1: Research
Look for inspiration as well as "what's selling" on Day 1
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Knowing Why
Unit 3 Find out what's selling on Amazon
Unit 4 Deciding what to write
Module 2 Day 2: The Book Outline
In 15 minutes, create the chapters and subheadings for your book.
Unit 1 Dream Board- Visualization
Unit 2 Outlining Your Book
Module 3 Day 3: Fill in the detail
Day 3 is a high volume writing day.
Unit 1 Writing, Writing, Writing
Module 4 Day 4: Editing
High volumn writing day
Unit 1 Writing and Editing and Writing
Module 5 Day 5: More Writing more Editing
Nice easy day.... a continuation of the editing and writing.
Unit 1 Final Editing - Sort of
Module 6 Day 6: Formatting
Now that your book is written, it's time to format it for Kindle
Unit 1 Formatting - Font, Headings and Margins
Module 7 Day 7: Publishing & Cover Art
Finally, publishing your book and creating your cover art.
Unit 1 Create Kindle Direct Publishing account
Unit 2 Publishing Your Book to Kindle