How to write Kindle books that will sell.

Well, for starters, not many people realize that there are a number of different types of literature that is currently for sale on Amazon and available for Kindle users.  You can sell a subscription to your blog, you can publish and sell articles, brief step by step guides, short stories, poems, picture books and more.

You know it wasn't long ago that a kindle was was ONLY available in the paperwhite form.  Last year I saw someone with one of the original Kindles, it was a huge massive thing... I thought it was a tablet (based on it's size) but it was really just the first paperwhite.  So cool.

My point, is that everything is changing.  So many people I help motivate to write aren't really experiencing writers block, they are more or less feeling like they don't have the talent to write a full length book or they don't think anyone will pay money for a book.

Here's what I tell them and what I'll tell you.

There are really no new original ideas on the planet.  Everything has been thought of, and maybe it has been spoken to another human being, maybe it hasn't. But it would be silly to imagine that our ideas are complete original.  However our delivery is original.  Our timing is original. WE are original and unique.

Our talent is located in our voice.

Your voice is how you write.  What you decide to say and how you say it.

So, whether you are going to write a children's book, a cook book, a How to go camping without a tent book or how to train your dog book.. Your book will be different than the other books that are published because it's yours.  NOW, you need to find your hook... that thing that you can tell people about the difference...  the thing that you're known for...

  • Is it Humor?
  • Is it straight forward talk?
  • Is it your understanding of the characters?
  • Is it how your words paint pictures?
  • Is it your fearlessness?

In the class we go over how to review what's currently selling and that's where you're going to start.  That's where you're going to gather ideas for what you think you might want to write about and friend....  once you start going, the skies the limit!

Go Write!



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