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3 Reasons I use a Pen Name

i used a pen name

Sometimes when people find out that I write under a pen name, they think I’m hiding. Like maybe I’m embarrassed about what I write.  The fact is, there are several reason why I (and other authors) use a pen name.

The time I published for Kindle I realized that there was no background check, or name/street/phone verification the “author” part of the book listing was literally whatever I wrote in that field.  Whether I made up a name, used initials or typed nonsensical characters, there are no “author” police. i used a pen name

I loved that.

Originally I was a little shy about putting my name out there… into the wild.  I thought, “What if people hate the book and write mean reviews?”  or “What if I want to write a different kind of book next?”  The ability to choose your pen name allows you the comfort of flexibility.

Here are the 3 reasons I use pen names

  1. Inspiration. It’s easier for ME to separate myself from what I’m writing when I write as “someone else.” I think we all have moments of thinking about what we think other people will think.  The anonymity of writing with a pen name allows me to create the writer persona needed to complete the book.
  2. Genre Allocation. I can’t be the only writer that is inspired to write non-fiction as well as fiction. I use different names to write different types of books.  I write teenage paranormal romances, I write self-help books and “working mom with teenage kids” types… I use pen names to separate my books by genre.
  3. Popularity. The fact is, as I experiment with different “author names” I’ve discovered, some names are more popular than others. They simply are.  Whether the name catches the eye of the reader or not, I can’t explain it… yet.  I know that some books on certain topics are doing better than others (of similar topics) and the only really difference is the author name.

Do you use a pen name?  Tell us your reason